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Making Successful Blogs: 3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself


It’s easier to know where you are headed at the start than to try change direction further down the track. So before you get too deep, ask yourself these three questions:

What Is My Blog About?

When answering this question the more specific you can be the better. If you can’t figure out exactly what your blog is about there will be no strong structure to your posts and you will find it hard to retain readers. Loyal customers are the lifeblood of any business and it is the same with your blog. Make sure you know what you are about, build a loyal readership and keep them entertained.

How Will I Target Readers?

Once you know what your blog is about it’s pretty obvious you need to figure out how you will get people reading it. Knowing the kind of people who will read your blog is essential for figuring out how to target them (duh). Writing a blog is easy but marketing a blog is near impossible if you can’t answer this question.

Once you figure out who you are targeting you need to think about where they are out and how to get your message there. I have already written an article on 3 Ways To Get Targeted Twitter Followers (For Free!). Twitter is one of the best ways to target the kind of people who will read your blog. But not every target reader is using twitter. Maybe the dog lovers are less tech savvy are more likely to be found in online forums. Make sure you read Get Traffic From Forums if you think your target market isn’t going to be on twitter or read Web Traffic: The Essential 10 Step Checklist for a list of other places you can easily find and target people online.

How Competitive Is My Topic?

A competitive topic has its positives and negatives. The more competitive your topic is the more potential readers there are (usually), the more the AdSense clicks pay (once again, usually), and the easier it is to stand out from the crowd (if you are good). On the other hand a competitive topic has more competition… yup it’s true! To get people to choose you over others you need high quality stuff, so it’s going to be more work.

An easy way to find out a blog’s competition is by simply typing it into google. There are 52 times as many results for “toothbrush blog” as there are for “fashion blog”.

An easy way to find out how much AdSense will pay for a blog topic is in AdSense Traffic Estimator. Simply type the topic in and see how much different keywords are worth.

If you have any other questions you don’t know how to answer leave a comment and I’ll get back to you asap!

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  • Underfloor Heating said:

    I am trying to get an idea of the type of audiences successful blogs are addressing, how fast they reached that point, and what has been the trigger point. I guess, the metric I would use would be the number of unique visitors per day or month


    Tim Scullin Reply:

    As long as your topic is reasonably popular it really comes down to quality content, and great marketing. Get those two down and you will quickly build an audience. The best metrics are total visitors and pageviews. Find ways to increase either of those.


  • Aaron Wall said:

    Great helpful information, Thanks for this nice post, just subscribed your feed, hope you will update new post soon.
    keep it up.



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