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Why YOU Should Start A Blog – The Top 10 Reasons And 26 More

Start a blog

There are literally hundreds of reasons to start a blog. Here are the top 10 plus another 26 reasons why you should start a blog today.

The Top 10

1] Blogs are Easy.

Blogs are very easy to setup and write.

Check out Blogs 101 – The Essential Tips For Setting Up WordPress.

2] Easily Connect With Readers.

Once you have a following on your blog you just publish content and it is instantly available to readers.

3] Become an Expert.

Writing quality content establishes you as an expert in your field. Its the next best thing to writing a book, and a heck of a lot easier!

People trust experts, and people buy from people they trust.

4] Google Loves Blogs.

They are keyword rich and rank well in Google amongst a number of searches –> more traffic. Read How To Dial In Your Keywords to learn what keywords to target.

Link to your static website to improve its ranking.

5] Show The Person Behind The Company.

Customers like to connect with real people more than companies. Your customers will love getting to know your humour and quirks as they read through your blog.

6] Give People Something Valuable.

By sharing valuable information your customers will stay on your website longer. When they stay longer they will be more likely to buy, if not now then sometime in the future.

7] Customer Feedback

You can find out what your customers like or don’t like.

You can get feedback on new ideas before spending $$$.

Read Blog Community – Starting The Conversation

8] Saves you from having lame conversations.

You can direct people to your blog post instead of actually explaining everything.

e.g. How do you do “boring thing” –> “Read my post about “boring thing”.

9] Improve Your Copy.

Because you are writing things down you will learn to write better.
Your sales copy will get better and you will sell more.

10] Enhance Your Existing Brand.

You can drive home more messages about your brand.

Drive More Traffic To Your Website From Your Blog:

1] Blogs have tons of keywords and have good rankings for a number of different queries.

2] They have fresh up to date content –> more love from Google.

3] Create multiple links back to your site. Articles get covered by other blogs and eventually links back to the source – your website.

4] You can join blog directories for more exposure.

5] You can be a part of Blog Carnivals and get even more traffic.

6] Blog posts can go viral.

7] Promote products on your website.

8] If you have an interesting blog people may ask you to guest write for their blogs. You can include a link back to your blog.

Sell More

9] As you interact with customers discover new markets for your product. Promote and sell to the new markets.

10] As you interact with customers discover new products you can offer them.

11] People trust well written blogs. People buy from trustworthy sources.

12] Blogs can be easily updated and a great way to keep readers informed of new products, specials etc.

13] Blogs naturally build a database as readers sign up to follow future posts. Databases are a powerful Marketing tool.

14] Test out different copy to find out what will sell best before implementing on your site.

15] Make money on your blog with ads.

Improve Your Brand

16] Promote other aspects of your business, such as updates about supported charities.

17] Show photos to enforce brand identity. Such as the new business car, or handshake with the president.

18] Show historical content covering all previous projects and events.

Create Your Own Invisible University

19] You are forced to learn new things as your research for your posts.

20] Keeps you up to date with the latest information and technology.

21]  Join the blog community and share ideas with other bloggers.

22] Organise your thoughts.

23] Explore new ideas.

24] Keep yourself accountable. If you write about good ideas you are more likely to do them.

25] You can save your interesting thoughts and ideas to be accessed anywhere in the world.

26] Add it to your resume.

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  • Vic- BusinessAccent said:


    I agree, starting and running a blog is a wise choice in marketing. Search engines loves sites that are rich in original information. It’s nice if we will always write and update our blog.


    Tim Scullin Reply:

    Thanks for the comment, and yes google loves fresh content too.


  • Interactive Online said:

    I can’t stress to clients enough how important a frequently updated blog is to the success of their site. Hire a writer to develop content for your blog and you’ll see google page 1 results. We have with our site. Google loves fresh relevant content related to your niche. If your site is providing that info on a daily or semi-daily basis, Google sees this and will list you at the top.


    Tim Scullin Reply:

    Yes, I recommend you start out posting once a day for the first 2-3 weeks then once google identifies that you are a regular poster you can drop down to 3-4 times a week till you build enough traffic to quit your day job. Most people don’t have enough time to write 7 posts a week and work full time. Thanks for the Comment.


  • Christina said:

    Very helpful post!


    Tim Scullin Reply:



  • Phillip Dews said:

    I loves this post Tim thanks very much for sharing! there is a lot of good advice in this post! I have been blogging for little over a year now and i love it! I think its important to keep posting to it as well! Another thing I think is adding the address to your blog to other search engins and not just google! anyway I have bookmarked your blog and will be following you from now on! Nice to meet you by the way!

    Phillip Dews


    Tim Scullin Reply:

    Thanks for the feedback. And yes god point, there are many other search engines other than Google. You can find some sites that will submit your page to them for free. But make sure you use a email address that you don’t mind getting spammed in. You never know these days! ha


  • Orlanda Szabo said:

    Pleased to meet you, Tim.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog on blogging. I've been building a blog to build more traffic to my new screenwriting website. And your 10 + 26 reasons match my own almost to a T. Keywords I've got down thanks to my web designer. Being completely new to blogging, it'll take a bit of time to figure out how and where to get ad placements and do search engine sign ups.

    I've bookmarked your blog, ;-) I know where to look for more details. It's great to have people like you helping out those of us just getting into it.


    Tim Scullin Reply:

    Thanks for the comment. Seen as you are new just focus on getting some quality content together for the first month or so. Make sure you are SEOing your posts as well because it will save you time in the future. All the best!


  • Tracey said:

    Great article! I am just beginning this journey. This week I started a blog, signed up for Twitter and Facebook!! Now, I have to figure it all out. You found me on Twitter, do you have any articles on that? I'm lost there too!
    Also, what is SEOing that you mentioned?


    SteveWiilliams Reply:

    Welcome to the world of online socialization!
    If you've just started using Twitter, you can email either me or Tim. Tim's probably more experienced, but my email is stevewiilliams@googlemail.com if you want. Up to you.

    To answer your question, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is basically a series of methods used to get your blog to the top of Google/Yahoo/Windows Live.


  • SteveWiilliams said:

    I have several friends who are debating whether to start a blog or a website. I always told them to go for a blog. I only truly gave to reasons:
    1) Blogs are easier to start, manage and edit, and don't require nearly as much maintenance as websites.
    2) Blogs are far less in numbers than websites, so it should be easier to get a foothold.

    But now I've got a whole list of reasons. Thanks.


  • David Stillwagon said:

    Great article Tim! I dugg it.
    I just started to blog in January. I need to study the part of your post about driving traffic to your blog.


  • Tracey said:

    Thanks for getting back to me! I need to get a cup of coffee and spend some time reading all your great articles, hopefully later today! Keep up the great info. :)


  • dalebotha said:

    Hi Tim

    Where do you get your post images from? Create them yourself. Buy images? Own images?



  • katie anderson said:

    I too feel that Google really loves blogs. Your reasons are really motivating for those who are double minded whether to start a blog or not.


  • Daniel Stenning-West said:

    Hi Tim, I found your blog on Twitter and I must say that the articles are top class, as are the choice of pictures you attach to them! That kitty looks awesome. Keep up the good work!


  • price action said:

    That has to be the most complete list I’ve ever seen. I think you’ve covered everything there is to know about blogs. Great job.


  • David Lakins said:

    Hi Tim,

    Great list! We use blogs for a number of our clients and find them extremely useful in long-tail SEO. The speed at which some posts get indexed as well can be amazing. One other point to add to your list is that blogging can be great fun!


  • Arun said:

    Nowadays everybody start a blog to make money but only few of them get success.


  • Rakesh @ Wizard Journal said:

    Blogging is easy and has a diverse domain, you can do anything with a blog, write about parenting or technology… it’s totally personalized way to make money online.


  • Vinish Parikh said:

    Great article, for me the reason for doing blogging is learning something new and exicting.


  • Jesse Dictor said:

    Article writing is also great for networking directly with other bloggers. In SEO, its basically a mandatory strategy if you intend on doing mostly white hate SEO. People really attach themselves to consistant and interesting writers.


  • Website Designing said:

    Quite informative post, blogs can surely serve the purpose of driving quality traffic to your website.


  • Jimmy said:

    Thanks for sharing that…..i think that blog is best way to express your point of view on any thing…….


  • Tyler said:

    It’s my personal feeling that having a blog associated with a business is becoming part of the minimal effort required in order to compete online. What better way to interact with clients & prospects than with content that allows for feedback, response, & syndication? I can’t think of anything better than a well-run blog.


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