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Write More Posts In Less Time – The 8 Essential Tips


Writing posts for your blog is a must if you want to keep the traffic coming. It is influential in not only search engine ranking but also the percetpion of new readers. If you have fresh content your bounce rate will be much lower. If you dont have enough time to write these posts then here are your options:

Reduce Your Post Rate

To have the best search engine ranking it is recommended that you post daily. But not everyone has enough time (or enough to say) to write every day. If you are one of these people and you are not blogging as your day job then I would recommend you reduce your number of posts. I think it is important to have daily posts on your blog when you start but after the first 3 weeks you can reduce it to 2-3 posts a week.

Write Shorter Posts

If you are writing 1000 word posts then it is probably a good idea to write less. Most internet readers have a attention span of a goldfish and wont stick around to read your blog novels, ah, I mean blog posts. You should treat every reader as if they have an extreme case of ADD. Go back and delete any waffle out of posts that you don’t need. See Dropping the ‘D’ bomb in Writing Killer Content.

I generally write posts 400-500 words long. But there are others who only write 100 or 50 word posts and are very popular.

Get Better Skills

If you don’t know how to touch type then learn. An average person types at 19 WPM (words per minute) while top  typists can type in excess of 100 WPM. That would take 2 hours of typing down to 24 minutes. If you are a slow typist then get a touch typing course, the time it will save you is well worth it. I type at about 60 WPM. Find your speed here typingtest.com.

Split Posts Into Parts

Sometimes to cover a topic in full you will need to split it into 2 parts. If you have good content in your first half a majority of readers will click through to the second half. The good thing is that they will be more likely to spend some more time navigating around your site. If they find the first half of an article the day it is produced then they may even come back the next day for part 2.

Set Your Blog On Auto Pilot

Read 5 Easy Steps To Set Your Blog On Auto-Pilot to learn about batching your work and using a special plugin to help set your blog on autopilot so you can take a break.

Guest Posts

Other people are usually more than happy to write posts for your blog as it helps them to build their traffic. You will also benefit if they promote their guest post on their own blog. So next time you find an interesting blogger ask them if they would be interested in writing a post for your blog at the same time!

Add Video Posts

Not only are videos popular with search engines but they are also quick and easy. If you add a 5 minute video post, guess how long it takes to make.. about 6 minutes. So what are you waiting for. Get hold of a Flip Camera and get online now.

Outsource Your Posts

Currently I write all my posts because I am very interested in my topic. However if you can’t keep up or are just not interested in writing about your topic anymore then outsourcing your posts could be a great opportunity for you. You can get quality posts from English speaking writers for as little as $10 a post. Make sure you test out your writers skills before you pay and even then only pay for a few posts at first. If you find their style is horrible or doesn’t fit with your target audience then you can change.

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  • Lizwi said:

    This is really empowering, I think following these tips can take one to new heights as far as blogigng is concerned.


    Tim Scullin Reply:

    Thanks for the comment


  • Gordie Rogers said:

    Very nice post, Kiwi. Lot’s of useful info. there. I like it and it’s written clearly and simply. One day I hope you and I can do a guest post on each others blog.


  • Lora said:

    Thanks! This is great!

    – Lora


  • becks davis said:

    Thank you, very timely as my blog just went live in the last few days. I need to set up the auto pilot on my blog.


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