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3 Ways To Get Targeted Twitter Followers (For Free!)


Its a general rule that 30% of the people you follow will follow you back. However when you are following people who are in your niche this rate will be even higher because more of them will see what you are about and be generally interested in hearing more. So how do you find these people? Following at random surely doesn’t work.. Here are 3 of the best free ways to get targeted followers:

Follow People Who Are Following People Like You.

If they are following them then they are probably interested in what they are saying. Find the top 3 big twits related to your niche and follow their followers. If you don’t know how to find your top three here are some techniques: 1) Insert your information at Twitter Karma and then organise your followers by folower count. Check out the top profiles and see who have the most followers. Quite often you will already be following the big players in your niche. 2) The second way and the quickest way is to go to WeFollow.com and search for your niche. If you can’t find anyone try broader search terms. For example if you blog about “German Shepherds” but you cant find any results then expand your search and try “Dogs” instead. Now you have the big twits you are looking for.

Put Your Twitter Details On Everything You Do.

If people like what you  say and want to hear more they will follow you on twitter. These are the best followers because they already dig you. Here are just some of the places you can add your twitter profile: – Your Blog (duh). – Forum Signatures. – Articles. – Guest posts on other blogs. – Your websites. – Email signature. – Other social networking sites. – Anywhere else people can interact with what you are already doing..

Search Twitter

At search.twitter.com you can search the public timeline for the last 30 days and follow people based on what they are talking about. For example if your blog is about German Shepherd dogs then you can search for the term “German Shepherd” (make sure you put “” around the phrase to get an exact match) and follow each of these people. As I check it now there are about 50 people who have tweeted about German Shepherds” in the last 24 hours. Thats 350 highly targeted followers every week, who would all surely enjoy your blog! A more common term like “money online” has 60 in the last hour, that’s 1440 target followers a day.

Don’t Get Suspended

With these tips you may be tempted to follow thousands of new tweeple. Try not to follow more than 20% more than people who follow you (eg 1,000 followers mean you can follow 1,200) otherwise you run the risk of getting your account suspended and then all your work is ruined. Don’t forget to add me on twitter to get more tips – @timscullin If you liked this article please RT it. I have made it easy for you, just click the button below :)


  • KushMoney said:

    Great tips for people struggling to build followers. I will retweet this right now.


  • Jude said:

    Thanks for sharing this for free. I have seen people selling twitter info for at least $10, and I doubt it's more or better. ;-)


    Tim Scullin Reply:

    This is the best way I know of without using paid for software. Hope it helps!


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  • LanceNelson said:

    Thanks Tim,

    You have a great site, these are good tips!




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  • Maeva said:

    Hello Tim,
    Thank you for this very useful post. As you mentioned, WeFollow.com is a great tool to search for your niche indeed. At http://www.MarketYourStartup.com we also believe that a good research on Twitter and using the right tools will allow businesses to increase their targeted followers.
    Thank you again for your post.


  • Hyoga said:

    thanksfor the post yo


  • Harsh Agrawal said:

    Tim great tips.. I followed your Karma trick and its working . :)


  • Karo said:

    You may find this strange but i only use twitter once awhile and i’m not crazy able adding followers because i just don’t think majority of the followers bother to read what people are tweeting about. I mean if you have 5,000 followers and everyone tweets everyday, will you scroll to read their tweets? maybe you read at most 10 that’s if you dedicate some hours to tweeting

    But thanks for the information. The link in your article for wefollow showed ’504 Gateway Time-out’ you might want to check that out


  • Austin said:

    Thanks! Really great tips on targeted twitter followers Tim.



  • Kathy said:

    Great tips Tim. Another way is to follow everybody who follows you. This will make you more attractive to those wanting to grow their twitter list. This is one of my strategies as I embark on the twitter journey…


  • suraj said:

    Yeah Karma trick is so helpful for me too. Thanks!


  • Michele said:

    Thanks for your tips…I have tried to follow a lot of peoples in my niche but at the moment no results…we will see


  • FanPageBookie said:

    Thanks I took notes of all your tricks and will do them ASAP


  • WeWeb said:

    Thanks for the tips! I think ill have to give these a try lol!


  • loga said:

    thanks for this article i am also doing same tips . keep sharing


  • Mayur said:

    That’s true, i tried that out once and after getting few hundreds followers we don’t need to try harder anymore. People try to follow relevant people so we get into that list being followed by few hundreds. So later it gets easier, it works.


  • steven said:

    cheers, really good instructions, Can I transalte it into Chinese and post in my blog? many thanks!


  • PregnancyTips Guru said:

    Thanks for the tips – great info!


  • Daniel said:

    Good advise, I agree with all the points especially the first that tells you to follow people who follow people like you… in fact I use tweetstork.com that searches and lets you follow exactly these types of users and I found that it was the most effective way to add targeted followers


  • vibeboss said:

    My only concern, is, Will they typically follow you back?


  • Kirk said:

    This is excellent! I can’t thank you enough i was trying all the obvious ways but to no avail.

    Thanks again


  • Chris Jones said:

    Thank you for the tips!

    Much appreciated.



  • Writing Resources said:

    this tips was proven. thousand follower only few year!


  • @Sirpartyman23 said:

    Good read cheers follow me @sirpartyman23 I’ll follow back =]


  • @Sirpartyman23 said:

    Good read cheers follow me @sirpartyman23 I’ll follow back =]


  • Shubham said:

    Nice tips! Will try these for sure!
    Thanks for sharing!


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